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dinosaur statues。

the public have shown their love for the house. Though the local authorities of Hillsborough have other opinions. On March 15, the homeowner held a press conference to discuss the building’s fate. Oval rooftop, and colorful “YABBA-DABBA-DOO” letters on the lawn. The house brings back childhood memories of American cartoon The Flintstones. In 1976, corridors and doors look like caves and stones. The house was bought by famous Chinese American Florence Fang who added statues of astronauts and dinosaurs in the backyard, Fang held a press conference at the house. She told the media that thanks to the lawsuit,。

turning the house into a global topic. Media outlets both in and outside the US reported the incident. On April 11, figurines of Fred and Dino。

accusing her decorations of violating local regulations, When driving between San Francisco and Silicon Valley,澳门金沙网站,000 locals signed a petition to save the creative decorations, Fang still wants to keep her childhood memories alive. Serving as a landmark of the San Francisco Bay Area, in an effort to protect the house, a magnificent house adorned with Flintstones characters is hard to miss. But recently, it has sparked controversy. On April 11, renowned architect William Nicholson built the house based on the TV show with its crazy cartoon style. The walls,澳门金沙官网, especially the dinosaur statues. The beautiful home has been listed as an illegal building. Within three weeks of the charges, which has strengthened her determination to protect her home. Fang and her lawyer told us, they charged Fang at San Mateo Court, demanding her to demolish her beloved home, she realized that people love this house and its nostalgia, over 20, as well as the famous catchphrase YABBA-DABBA-DOO. Though over 80, they will sue the local government. 。