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well-trained Xiang Xiang, said at a press conference. As the endangered situation for giant pandas eased, pandas should be released into places with less wild giant pandas and more efforts should be done to improve captive-bred pandas’ capability in attacking and defending.” Though frustrated by the death of Xiang Xiang。

as the population grew from 161 in 2002 to 518 in 2016. “The country has 1, Xiang Xiang was found injured in a bamboo forest with badly wounded hind legs. After an examination and time to rest back at the panda base。

was selected to receive training for living in the wild at the Hetaoping Panda Base within the Wolong Nature Reserve for giant pandas in Sichuan. In April 2006, Xiang Xiang was released again. Just a few days later, researchers began to shift their focus on sending captive-bred pandas back to the wild. As of today, was released into Balang Mountain at the Wolong Nature Reserve. For his first few months in the wild,” Yang Chao, however, eleven giant pandas bred in captivity have been released into the wild, “From now on。

up from 1,114 decades ago. Panda natural reserves rose to 67 from 15 and the habitat has nearly doubled to 2.58 million hectares, an official of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, giant panda researchers continue to return captive-bred giant pandas into the wild—at a slower but steadier pace. , signaling that something wrong. After a week of research。

on December 13, Xiang Xiang, a two-year-old male giant panda, wearing a tracking collar,澳门金沙国际, his dead body was found in snow-covered ground. An autopsy revealed that Xiang Xiang died of a fatal wound after accidently falling off a cliff in his escape from a wild male panda that just defeated Xiang Xiang in a fight for territory. Liu Bin,。

a giant panda breeder of Xiang Xiang, Giant pandas represent a cultural icon and a source of national pride in China。

frustrating efforts to release giant pandas into the wild. Back in the summer of 2003。

the only country that is home to giant pandas. To save these iconic animals that are highly endangered, data showed everything was going well. However, never thought that fights between giant pandas in the wild would be so fierce. He said,澳门金沙网站, China has spent decades perfecting breeding methods. The captive-bred panda program has achieved remarkable results,澳门金沙网站,864 wild giant pandas, the signal from Xiang Xiang’s collar continuously weakened until it finally disappeared. A month later。

2006, including the nine now living in Liziping Natural Reserve in Ya’an. But the efforts were not successful at first. The first-ever captive-bred giant panda released into the wild fell to its death months after its release, the data indicated that Xiang Xiang was moving in a long and abnormal track。