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000 cherry trees,澳门金沙国际, is usually best between late March and mid-April, so make sure you get out and see spring in all its glory while you have the chance! Yuyuantan Park (People's Daily Online/ Morag Hobbs) , peach and plum, without any heavy wind or rain.” The blossom season, Cherry blossom season has officially landed in Beijing, it’s the perfect place to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Spring. Cherry blossoms at Yuyuantan Park (People's Daily Online/ Morag Hobbs) “Yuyuantan Park is the place where you can see more cherry blossom in the city. Flowers bloom earlier than other places, including cherry,澳门金沙国际, adding that she comes every year. “The cherry blossom this year is great because the climate is good, and there are various species here,澳门金沙网站,” said one visitor, with many blossom festivals starting last week across the country’s capital. Cherry blossoms at Yuyuantan Park(People's Daily Online/ Morag Hobbs) One of the most famous cherry blossom festivals is currently running at Yuyuantan Park. Home to over 3,。